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Development path

Development path

1998 Established Taiwan Qunhong Culture and Education Institution
2002 Established Shanghai Qunhong Education Development Co., Ltd.
In 2004, the Putuo District College of Education developed an English teacher training partner.
2005 Appointed Chinese agent by Longman Publishing Group
In 2007, the Foreign Experts Bureau awarded the qualification certificate for hiring foreign cultural and educational experts.
In 2008, he was awarded the Shanghai LTEFC test by Shanghai designated test center and examiner certification.
2008 Co-published primary school-guided English writing with Shanghai Education Press
In 2009, co-organized the cross-strait Jiaoxu seminar with the Chinese Teacher's News of the Ministry of Education.
2010 Successfully developed the interactive home and school e-service management system
2011 Successfully developed training school e-system and online evaluation system
In 2013, he won the “East Books”, “Goose Mother”, “Kais Education”, “MM”, “Macmillan” and other famous English teaching brands.
In 2014, he was appointed by the Interactive American LIVEABC Publishing Group as the general agent of Central and South America.
In 2015, he was awarded the British “Macmillan” (one of the world's three major English language teaching (ELT) publishing institutions).
Partnered with National Gepgraphic Publishing House in 2018