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The program

The program

Qunhong education provide the national school education and education training institutions in English curriculum planning services. According to the requirements of institutions, students of all ages, provide relevant collocation teaching materials and curriculum planning is diverse. Course planning provide diverse group of hon enrich teaching material, complete interactive interesting courses, to teachers and students, the teacher can play around in the classroom teaching professional, students can get satisfaction.
Qunhong education preschool curriculum planning objectives and learning basic content to < Shanghai preschool education outline > and < > Shanghai preschool preschool education guide. On the basis of course also emphasizes individual adaptability, hope in the students' level of development of the individuals in the study can be simultaneously, pay attention to the body and mind development needs, also emphasizes the integrity of comprehensive study, through the diversity of learning activities to achieve the coordinated development in an all-round way. The last curriculum value orientation for practicality, make learning through incentives and assessment, and life practice.