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School Cooperation

School Cooperation

A brief introduction to aiying academy
Shanghai Cheerkids International Preschool is a new brand of Shanghai Shanghai education created by the team of Shanghai qinghong education development co., LTD and Shanghai famous Preschool education expert, Shanghai model worker and former director of Shanghai music kindergarten, huang lili.
Founding purpose:
It is to explore and study the new education model adapted to the current era, so that every family no longer worries about their children's education, so that every child has a healthy psychological quality, the ability to achieve lifelong happiness in the future, and more importantly, a happy childhood that should belong to them.
School objectives:
Preschool: face difficulties, dare to solve problems, can learn and think, can independently complete various tasks, have good learning habits, overcome difficulties, build self-confidence and learn self-discipline.
Early education class goal: can quickly adapt to the life of the kindergarten, take the first step of stepping out of the house, facing unfamiliar environment and teachers are not afraid, will answer, will communicate, will take care of themselves.
Specific measures:
1. Employ psychological experts to be the consultant of education in our school, provide counseling and guidance to parents and teachers from the psychological perspective, and explore effective education methods;
2. Strengthen targeted education and realize small-class teaching;
3. Pay attention to the construction of teaching staff, and gradually establish an excellent management system of teaching staff echelon;
Connecting with many key private and public primary schools in Shanghai, teachers and teaching materials (such as world foreign language primary school, shanda garden primary school, jing 'an foreign language primary school, etc.) can help children adapt to the learning life of primary schools more quickly.
School philosophy:
Take time to be a parent and be happy to be a child.
Shanghai aiying academy
Address: 1 / f, no. 16, songyuan road, changning district, Shanghai
Telephone: 021-51518906