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How to motivate children's logical thinking in daily life

Company news
2017/12/19 15:42
Inspire logical thinking in daily life
Many social games often motivate logic and visionary thinking to achieve effective strategic steps and achievements. The key to developing logical thinking is that we want children to have the opportunity to use a variety of different tools to solve any different situation, that is, to put him in a stimulating environment. Children often want to try something, and will repeat it until he has a certain understanding of things. Only repeated experience and awareness of regularity can enable children to correctly predict and assess the consequences of action.
For example, when we explain to children, (all people and objects far from him seem to be smaller than the actual size), children may not be able to understand. We can take the children out for a walk and try to turn a tree in the distance away, then go closer to the tree, and when the tree gets bigger, we are putting "small" The hand is placed on the "big" tree.
Or in the process of climbing, let the children themselves realize that the car, the crowd or the house is so small. These experiences will make children feel deeply impressed and connect the meaning of these things. One day, for example, when a child is drawing, he will recall the experience of climbing and notice the correct perspective.